Training New Disciples

Two types of teaching we make available to new converts:

Christianity 101 & Baptism

New converts need to step away from their surroundings and have their questions answered, learn basic fundamentals of the Christian faith, receive prayer and enjoy fellowship and worship.  There are training centers associated with some of our outreach areas where new converts come to learn for 5 days and then are baptized. Baptism in Ethiopia is a serious step that signifies a break with an old way of thinking and allegiance to the Christian faith.  

Equipping Leaders

The areas where we focus have few mature Christians with enough knowledge to teach and lead.  It is imperative to identify potential leaders among the converts and provide intense teaching.  Shedding the former religious culture does not happen instantaneously and renewing one’s mind is a process (Romans 12:2).  To this end, we host Bible trainings several times a year in various areas to mobilize strong men and women with a more complete understanding of God’s truths.  Raising leaders will provide the stability and inspiration necessary to carry out the Great Commission in this part of the world.

  You can help provide this vital discipleship training:

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