New Life Stories

For so many in Ethiopia, happy endings seem impossible. Yet this is God’s specialty: changing life stories.  Here are just a very few of the ways God is at work in partnership with generous givers – stories that defy abandonment, fear and despair to bring glory to the Author, Jesus Christ!

A Rescued Life

A tiny baby girl was left for dead on a riverbank. No one could be found who knew anything about her. She was about 1 month old and weighed not quite 3 lbs. It was painfully obvious she was a preemie and needed immediate hospitalization. Even after she was released from the hospital and brought to the orphanage, her condition was extremely precarious and her future uncertain. But God had a plan of rescue! Thanks to the generosity of several donors and a monthly sponsor we were able to provide Felmetuu with the preemie formula that she so desperately needed and the loving nurture of our wonderful nannies. As you can see, she grew strong and chubby! And the best news is she now has her very own family, a lovely Ethiopian couple who were unable to have biological children. Once abandoned ~ now chosen.

A Miraculous Intervention

My name is Teshita and I am 21.  My tribe are all M*slims and they hate Christians. My father is a sheik and when a church was built close to our house we moved away because he hated to hear the worship and preaching. Full of anger, I retaliated with violence against any Christ-follower I encountered.  Then one night in a dream, Isa (Jesus) came to me dressed in white and said, “When you attack My people, you attack Me. Accept Me.”  Then Moh*mmad appeared, coming at me with a sword.  I was gripped with fear until the man in white embraced me and told me to go to church.  Immediately I was filled with a peace and joy I had never known. Now I am passionate for my tribesman to know the freedom and peace of being a Christ-follower.  My family has rejected me but I must bring the truth and light of Jesus to my tribe.  I am in God’s hands.

Set Free From Fear

Robdu grew up in a strict M*slim home steeped in tribal witchcraft and hallucinatory drug use and her married life was much the same.  One of her nine children attends our kindergarten and two of our missionaries, who visit the families of the children, came to see Robdu.  The missionaries shared words of Jesus with Robdu and, in tears, she confessed that as far back as she could remember she had been afraid… of most everything.  When the missionaries started praying for her, a spirit loudly shouted against them, throwing Robdu violently to the floor.  The men ordered the evil spirit to leave in the name of Jesus.  When she sat up, she said for the first time she felt peace.  Robdu knelt down and accepted the new life offered by Jesus Christ.  Having never experienced human love, the love of Jesus fills her in a way she is unable to describe.

Whose life story will you help us change?

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