In one of our focus areas for evangelism we have a kindergarten with two levels (similar to preschool and kindergarten in the U.S.) and three classroms. Bringing 60 children to school every day is a wonderful opportunity to introduce them to Jesus. The teachers are Christians, the class size is small and a nutritious lunch is provided daily. It is our joy to impact young lives!

Introducing our teachers:

Abu Leliso
Lead Kindergarten Teacher
Abu (Ah-boo) is young and not yet married but stands out as an exceptional leader.  He lives in the village where the school is located and is actively involved in the church there.  He is passionate about exposing the school children to the gospel during weekly chapel gatherings Abu had experience teaching first grade before coming to our Mana Gammachuu school as lead teacher, and he has done a great job.  By kindergarten graduation, children are reading and adding and subtracting simple problems, ready to tackle first grade. 

Lelo Wariso
Kindergarten Teacher
Lelo is married with three children and lives in a village near the school.  He is a certified teacher who came to us with three years experience teaching pre-school.  His goal is to teach letters and numbers, colors & shapes and develop large and small motor skills through games and manipulatives.  With only 20 students, there is plenty of one-on-one interaction.  Lelo is devoted to preparing young children for the final year of kindergarten where they will be well equipped to learn to read and do simple math. 

Chala Kabato
Kindergarten Teacher
Chala is married and has two young children.  He lives in a little town next to the school.  As a certified teacher, he taught third grade for seven years prior to coming to our kindergarten. Chala instructs the younger kindergarten students, laying a firm foundation for reading, teaching numbers and counting and the daily expectations of classroom behavior. 

For only $35/month you can provide a year of school for a child at our Mana Gammachuu kindergarten. As a child graduates to first grade we will roll your sponsorship over to another child the next school year. Children in this rural village hear the Gospel as well as get a wonderful start in reading, writing and math.

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