Thirty-eight courageous, dedicated men are feet on the ground among three different tribes of Mus!im people in southern Ethiopia.  They live in the village they are reaching and are of the same tribe.  This network of missionaries impacting 28 villages are:

  • Bringing the gospel to every person
  • Establishing a church in every village
  • Equipping Christ-like leaders for every church
  • Envisioning Kingdom impact in every sphere of their society

Lofty goals!  We are equipping our missionaries to be disciples of Christ and good leaders through a field Bible school designed by our Director of Evangelism, Pastor Zerihun.  The school is a two-year program meeting four times a year that was launched a year ago.  Zerihun hand-picked twelve of our missionaries for our pilot program.  One of their first assignments was to find four others in their church to disciple and teach what they are being taught, thereby multiplying the influence of the Bible school fourfold.  Zerihun has invited the 48 learners to a two-day special training in March.  I am delighted there are several women in this group!

Thirteen churches like the one in the video are peppering the landscape with three more in the construction phase.  Our missionaries also have prayer and worship services in 3 temporary structures and 9 house churches for newly birthed Christ-followers.

The need for well-trained, proven, godly leadership is urgent, because we are experiencing phenomenal growth in establishing Christian communities.  We are concerned that each of them has solid leaders.  The missionaries who brought the people to the Lord and discipled them and subsequently founded the church will move to another unreached area once the church becomes self-sustaining, meaning it has grounded leadership and can financially support a pastor.  Without a firm foundation of discipleship, training, and leadership, the church falters.  Erroneous teaching leads people astray, new Christians never move beyond spiritual milk to solid food, and the church becomes immature, weak and barren.  We don’t want that to happen!

If you would like to financially help the Bible school, we welcome a donation of any amount.  It costs us $250 per student for one week of training.  A worthwhile investment into Kingdom growth!