by Joy Casey 

It’s late and I am tired.  The flight from the U.S. had a few hiccups this time around leaving me with four hours of sleep before driving to our orphanage today.  I just took a cool shower.  It was cool partly because I am hot and sticky and need to cool down, and partly because there is no hot water.  Now I’m sitting on my bed with my trusty laptop thinking of all who are praying for God’s work here in Ethiopia. Thinking how grateful I am for you and friends who financially strengthen the work of our hands.  Thinking about the interesting day I had at our Joyful Place orphanage and the inspiring visits I had with families who fairly recently adopted four of our precious children.  I never tire of seeing families delighted with their adopted son or daughter!

Barikot (named Beka in the orphanage) has only been in Taraqua’s home for two months but appears to be at home and quite attached to his mom and two older sisters.  Sifen is 19 and Bethlehem is 22, so he is well mothered!

Another family adopted two at once.  The little girl and little boy are close to the same age, so we in adoption circles call them artificial twins.  I think these two cuties will flourish in this outstanding home.  Their mother is a pharmacist and owns a large pharmacy in Shashemene.  Their home is spacious with lots of room to run and play.  Auntie, Uncle and their children live there, too, so there is more than normal love, cuddles and kisses for these two.  Chaltu and Yeabsira are still adjusting to their new home but are eating and sleeping well.  I definitely sensed the enjoyment the two babies have brought to this household, and there is little doubt they will bond well with each other and the rest of their new family.

The last visit was to see baby Musie who is adored by Abdi and Mulu, his new dad and mom.  They changed his name to Kena, which means ‘gift.’  Abdi is a lawyer and was at a meeting when we visited, but it was my joy to watch Kena interact with his mom, older brothers and sister.  Mulu said she wasn’t sure about adoption and kept going back and forth, but her children insisted they needed more children, so she and Abdi followed through with the paperwork.  They are most happy they did!  And … Mulu says she wants to add a little girl down the road, too.  Kena was a happy boy toddling around impervious to being the center of everyone’s attention.

I will be back at the orphanage this Friday and will be able to spend more time with the babies.  Right now, I must call it quits and get some sleep.  Caio! (as they say here in Ethiopia)