Rahel added a little boy to her family of three daughters, ages 18, 16 and 11, with the adoption finalization of Baby Daniel.  Rahel was widowed four years ago and maintains her home in the capital city of Addis Ababa.  She earns a good living as owner of a men’s beauty salon.  Her daughters are thrilled to welcome a baby brother into their home!

Daniel was placed in our Joyful Place orphanage after a policewoman walking to work found the newborn baby all alone and crying alongside the road.  He was stabilized in our care center, and six months later he stole Rahel’s heart.

He certainly will never lack for attention with big sisters, a plethora of aunties, uncles, cousins and grandmas vying for his attention, not to mention their extensive church family.  When Rahel was asked why she adopted, she unhesitatingly responded, “The favor of Almighty God let me adopt this child for His glory.”

A few days after Daniel received a family, a woman leaving church heard a baby crying by the gate.  She picked up the frantic newborn and immediately notified the authorities.  After a five day stay in the hospital, our nurse was called to come pick her up.  The woman who found her was honored to give her a name — Hana.

We now have 17 boys and 2 baby girls to keep our nannies, cleaners and cook busy.  All but 4 children are under one-year-old.  Just think how many diapers are changed in a day (all hand washed) and how many bottles of formula are consumed!  We are beyond grateful for the many who faithfully support these babies until they are adopted into a family of their own.