The words of an adoptive dad in the video below, “These babies are our challenge…” is the heart of an upcoming adoption seminar NewLife is hosting in Shashemene, Ethiopia.  Our orphanage director has met with leaders of evangelical churches asking for their support to encourage and vet potential adoptive families and to heighten overall interest in adoption in their churches.  Several pastors have adopted from our orphanage and, we are pleased to report, adoption is gaining momentum in the Christian community.

The keynote speaker is a well-known in Christian circles and is passionate about the Church taking responsibility for the orphan crisis in his country.  He is energetic and highly motivational.  Couples that have adopted will share their stories and the adoption process will be explained.  We expect to interact with 50 couples in this one-day workshop that, with God’s anointing, will result in a family for every abandoned child.