High Pointe Church in Washington held an evening fundraiser to raise money to build a church in Ethiopia. The lobby and outdoor area turned into a marketplace with wares and food sold from around the world. A delicious dinner was served while guests watched and participated in a Bible knowledge game patterned after the TV show The Chase. It was loads of fun with lots of laughter.

“Commercial breaks” were 2-minute segments educating about the area where a church needed to be built. After the game show, church walls, roof, floor, doors, windows, and benches were auctioned. With 175 people in attendance, money was given to build two churches! We are blown away by the extreme generosity of God’s people.

The walls and roof of the new church are up.

The inside walls are mudded. Next will be the stone and cement foundation, mudding the outside of the church, and finishing up with the installation of doors and shutters for the windows.

It is the rainy season in Ethiopia. People are beyond grateful to have a dry place to gather and worship, even in a not quite finished building.

Thank you, High Pointe Church!