The doors to our Joyful Place orphanage have been swinging in and out lately.  They swing in when an abandoned baby is brought to our door by the police or other government official, and they swing out when a child is legally adopted and goes home with his or her new family.  We are privileged to be the safety net when a baby is found abandoned, and we rejoice when an adoptive family wraps their arms around a child from hard beginnings.

Only three months ago newborn Gadise (Ga-DEES-aye) was found lying exposed alongside a mosque.  She came to us frail and underweight, but quickly caught up to normal weight and has developed as she should cognitively.

Then Gezahgegn (a banker) and Etenesh (a homemaker) walked into her life.  The couple had been married for 11 years and were unable to have children.  They heard about adoption from one of their friends who adopted from our orphanage, igniting hope that adoption could be a wonderful option for them.  In April, Gadise – renamed Selamawit which means ‘peaceful’— went home with her very own mom and dad and is safely ensconced in a large, loving extended family.

While this happy beginning for Gadise was happening, a nurse discovered a baby boy alone and not cared for in the waiting area of a busy health center.  The center kept the little boy for a day hoping someone would come looking for him, but then called and reported the abandonment to the police.  The healthy month-and-a-half (approximate guess) baby was named Amana, which means ‘believe’, and was happily received into our Joyful Place care center.

The adoption of 9-month-old Sebanbone was the fulfillment of a long-standing dream.  Diribe suffered the heartache of not being able to birth a child, and her barrenness eventually caused her husband to divorce her.  She owns a small business that provides adequately for her needs, but the longing to be a mother, even after divorce, was always with her.  Through word of mouth, she heard about adoption and took the necessary steps that ushered another baby out our door and into the welcoming arms of a loving mother.

Sebanbone (now called Nafiyad) will not lack hugs and kisses from aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.

NO child should be raised in an institution no matter how intimate and well-run it is if there is a possibility for them to be nurtured in a permanent nuclear family.  We are overjoyed that God’s attention to detail provided wonderful families for two of our little ones.

Baby Amana needs a sponsor and prayer partner.  If you would like to stand in the gap for him, your support will ensure he receives everything he needs to grow strong and healthy.  Your prayers will move God’s hand to provide the just right family for him. THANK YOU!