by Harmony Ierley

It was his 75th birthday.  The retired minister, father to two grown boys, and Papa to 7 grandchildren sure didn’t need another tie or pair of socks.  As he thought more about it, he had an idea.  

Jon and his wife, Robbie, support a little girl and her family at NewLife’s Mana Gammachuu school in a Mus!im village.  They knew that the family had an ox. But it takes two to pull the plow.  So, Jon mentioned he would really love contributions towards an ox for his birthday.  His sons were thrilled to be a part of such a meaningful and life-changing gift.  Everyone kept the purchase a secret until the night of his party.  

As Jon read his card his eyes welled up with tears.  “It takes two oxen to pull a plow.  It takes two sons to make it happen.”  He opened his present and pulled out a little stuffed ox.  

A minister is rarely left speechless.  But it took Jon a minute to find his voice through the overwhelming emotions of gratitude.  He expressed his thankfulness that his birthday could be an occasion to bring such a blessing to a precious family halfway across the globe.  

The party concluded with a toast and cake (with oxen cake decorations of course).