Brothers and sister sit ‘round the table
Pouring over gifts each colorfully labeled.
But not for them, no, they want to give more
To those in Ethiopia who are incredibly poor.
With money in hand they long with a sigh
To do something grand like a house to buy.
Without enough money they came up with a plan
To ask Grandma and Gramps to lend a hand.
They eagerly shared all the things in the book,
Inviting them to come and just take a look.
That a house for a family to stay snuggy and dry
With a floor and tin roof would be awesome to buy.
Great Gram, aunties and good friends, too
Were moved by seeing hearts so true.
Of course they would help to achieve such a vision
To give this gift and fulfil their mission.
An offering was taken with generosity galore,
Enough for a house, goats, bibles and more!
With more than they hoped for and with utter delight
They mailed their order before bedtime that night.
Saying their prayers at the side of their bed,
They thanked God with joy for how He had led.