2023 – A Year of God’s Favor

Partnering with God to rewrite life stories


The stories you read in this report put real faces and names to the people you have helped through your financial gifts this year. Thank you for your trust in NLE’s mission, your heart to bring others to Christ, and for your resources that directly impact individual lives and communities in Ethiopia.


100% of your monthly sponsorship helps the designated orphan, student or missionary



Ahmed was a dedicated Mus!im whose son was demon possessed. The boy’s violent, irrational behavior had caused intense turmoil in their home for years.  Ahmed took him to the witch doctor vowing he would go to any length to get rid of the demon plaguing his child and family.  The concoction the witch doctor told him to make and rub all over the child’s body did nothing.  The Imam at the mosque had no solution, either.  Ahmed was at his wits end when he heard about how Jesus healed people and cast out demons.  Missionary “K” explained to him the free gift of salvation, and as understanding took hold, the desperate father asked Jesus to take over his life and heal his boy.  After prayer, the demon miraculously left his son!  Peace was restored!  His wife, all seven children and his mother became Christ-followers.  Ahmed courageously and unashamedly tells everyone he meets what Jesus did for him and his family – sharing the Good News throughout his Mus!im village.

Rejoice with us…

  • 14,196 people heard the Gospel for the first time.
  • 368 people became followers of Jesus.
  • 3 new churches were constructed.
  • 12 missionaries finished their first year of Bible school.










“Come with you to school?  There is no school in our village.”  That was what I told my friend as we walked together to fetch water.  My friend told me that the new Christian church is giving lessons on how to read.  My name is Hana and I am one of 18 children of my father’s three wives.  I wasn’t sure I would be allowed to go because the school was inside the Christian church that we were told was a bad place.  But my mother begged my father to let me try to learn and he finally agreed.  Going to school is so fun!  I am learning how to put letters together to make words – I never dreamed this is possible!  And the Christians teaching us kids to read and write are not bad, mean people as I had been told.  They are kind and have invited me to come and hear stories about Jesus in what they call Sunday school.  I am going to go!

Rejoice with us…

  • 61 young children are enrolled in our 2-year kindergarten in a Mus!im village.
  • 4 kindergarteners and their parents have become Christ-followers.
  • 500 children are learning to read and write through literacy programs in 13 villages with no access to education.
  • 34 children in literacy programs have dedicated their lives to Jesus.


Orphan Care

Tashale and Selam had been married for years and were unable to conceive a child.  Both desperately wanted children in their lives. Through contacts in their church, their desire turned into reality when they adopted a baby from our Joyful Place orphanage who they named Ebeneezer and then a little girl from the streets named Tigist. This family is materially poor, but extravagantly rich in compassion and love.  Their joyful, Christ-centered home provides the perfect environment for happy, well-adjusted children.

Rejoice with us…

  • 40 abandoned babies cared for.
  • 19 orphans adopted.
  • 2 special needs babies received medical support for optimal development.
  • God provided a car for orphanage transportation.

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2023 Annual Report