by Becky Burns

Oh. My. Goodness!  Whenever we send out an urgent request for help, as we did at the end of October, you are SO faithful to respond!

We recently asked if you would help us fill up some suitcases to bring to Ethiopia and you immediately sent us funds to do just that!

We were able to purchase and fill over 6 giant pieces of luggage with:

Preemie formula that most of our babies need when they first come to us.  This is not available to purchase in Ethiopia

Milk-based formula all of our babies under 12 months are given.

Foam floor mats and Bumbo seats for the babies who are crawling and almost crawling.

Much-needed new clothes for babies and toddlers.

Two baby swings to replace several that ‘died’ a long time ago!

New scrubs for our nannies and lots of cloth diapers.

Chewable vitamins for the kids at our kindergarten.

Packing all of these donations has been a big job but an even bigger privilege!

Joy, Jason and Jeff left at midnight last night loaded up with everything you so generously provided!

Please be praying for no issues getting everything through customs in Addis, for a time of fruitful ministry, for travel safety while in-country and for many divine appointments.

THANK YOU so much for opening your hearts to provide these greatly needed and appreciated gifts!

This is our prayer for you this wonderful Christmas season:

You will be enriched in every way
so that you can always be generous.
And when we take your gifts to those who need them,
they will thank God.
2 Corinthians 9:11