Each year at Christmas time we have the great joy and privilege of passing along your generosity to men, women and children in Ethiopia who are in very desperate circumstances.  It is hard for them to imagine why someone across the world would share their abundance with them… and our staff explain it is because of the love of Christ!

You help us feed hundreds of families in a time of drought.

You provide readers and school supplies for rural village children who otherwise would not have an education.

You equip our missionary evangelists to establish churches and share the Gospel message to those who have no hope, for now or for eternity.

You provide life-giving formula and care for the abandoned babies at our orphanage,

helping them thrive until we find families in Ethiopia to adopt them.

If they could thank you in person, they would say “Amesegenalehu!” (in Amharic) or “Galatoomi!” (in Oromo).

Don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God. 
Hebrew 13:16

Visit our Gift Catalog here for lots of ways, big and small, you can change someone’s story in Ethiopia.