Over the summer, classrooms were repaired and painted.

The lunchroom was enlarged and now all 60 kindergarten children can eat at the same time.

New uniforms were purchased.

School supplies provided.

Sounds pretty typical for the beginning of an academic school year, doesn’t it?  The only thing atypical about school for these children is that without sponsors in the U.S. paying their tuition they would never have the opportunity to get a head start on their education – or maybe no education at all.  Most of the women in this village are unschooled and statistically only half the men can read and write.  This is a tragic statistic in most rural villages, but we are working toward better outcomes by providing high quality learning environments for sixty children from the poorest homes.

Upon graduation from our two-year kindergarten program, the children can read and write and have basic math skills.  NewLife Ethiopia provides each graduate with tuition, uniform and school supplies to ensure they continue on to first grade at the government school.

Eight of our children are in need of a sponsor.  For only $35 you could be part of the team that enables young children to attend our Mana Gammachuu (Joyful Place) Kindergarten.  Here are three of the eight students who are in need of a sponsor.

Little Rufe needs a sponsor.  She and her family of 9 live in a small mud hut.  Help Bilisa learn his numbers and letters.  He and his brother are being raised by their widowed mother.  Dadafo is a precocious 5-year-old, who loves school and has an eager, inquisitive mind.  The school is a source of pride for this village.  Parents, desperate for their children to learn, are thrilled when the village chief selects their child to attend.

Education is a game changer.  This fall an 8th grade boy, one of 8 children whose mother is illiterate and whose father tragically died, received a scholarship from the Oromo Education Bureau for him to attend a prestigious high school in a city about two hours north of his village.  He likely will be collage bound!  His little brother graduated from our kindergarten last spring and ranked #1!

Don’t miss this opportunity to sow into young lives!  If you already sponsor – THANK YOU!!