by Becky Burns

Every story begins somewhere but for the abandoned babies at our Joyful Place orphanage, we simply don’t know the details of how their stories began.  The orphanage staff have to estimate how old each one is based on developmental and physical signs.  Because so many come to us very weak and malnourished, it’s assumed that they were very fragile from birth or that their birthmother could not provide adequate milk.

A week ago we received precious little Musie.  The story of his abandonment is a bit unusual.  His mother was eating lunch in the restaurant of a local hotel when she asked one of the waiters if he would please hold her baby, about 3 months old, while she went to the restroom.  Instead of returning she quietly slipped out of the hotel and completely disappeared.  The hotel owner notified the police and they eventually placed Musie at our orphan care center.

As you can see, Musie is a healthy and happy little baby, enveloped in the love of his new nannies. Assuming his birthmother doesn’t return for him (she would face very serious consequences for abandoning a child) or is not found by the police, Musie will get all the love and nurture he needs until he can be placed in his very own forever family.

A few days after Musie arrived, another baby boy, Jabesa, was brought to the orphanage.  His young birthmother entered the hospital to give birth under a false name, apparently never intending to bring her newborn home.  There were complications with the delivery so both mother and baby were in the ICU for 15 days.  When no one was looking, the birthmother found the strength to dress herself and leave the hospital without her child.

Hospital staff reported the abandonment to the police but continued to care for Jabesa for another 12 days.  When he was ready to be released, Jabesa was referred to our orphanage where he joined 15 other abandoned children who we will prayerfully place in Christian families.

These stories all start with children birthed into this difficult world under circumstances we cannot understand very well at all.  Every story contains grief and loss.  But this is the point in the stories where you come in.  We want to match each abandoned child with a monthly sponsor who makes the next chapters possible… being loved, cherished and nourished until a family adopts each one.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the restoration chapters that the Author is writing into a child’s story.  For only $50/month you can sponsor a child whose life will be changed because of your generosity.  Our entire staff sends you their thanks!