Who can forget how exciting it is to reach the end of a school year and feel that sense of accomplishment and/or relief that you have completed a grade?

Our Level 2 kindergarten kids were celebrated several weeks ago as they finished their time at our Mana Gammachuu school and now prepare to enter first grade at the local government school.

Recognizing big accomplishments is very important in Ethiopian culture.  All the children – along with their parents, extended family and teachers – gathered on the school grounds under the ‘worship tree’ to be officially promoted.

Top students were recognized and each of those received a backpack containing a writing pad, pencil and their very own reading book.

The smiles of all the parents revealed their pride and joy in the fact that their child graduated from kindergarten, able to read and write (something many of them cannot do).

Report cards are being prepared to share with each of the children’s monthly sponsors, who are the ones making it possible for so many kids to have an excellent start to their education.  Our little school is becoming widely known in the area for producing students who can read and write before entering first grade.

The parents are telling our staff that they know many families who wish their children could attend our school.  These Musl!m families are being impacted with the love of Christ through the opportunity their kids are receiving for a good education but also through monthly food gifts and the sharing of the Gospel message.  All are hearing and many are responding to the Good News of salvation by grace from the One True God.  There simply aren’t words to describe what a life-changing difference our sponsors are making!

Want to get in on this amazing privilege?  There are a couple of ways to help…

First is to become a monthly sponsor.  For $35/month you’ll be matched with a student, receive a prayer card, a report on our pastoral team visits and three report cards during the school year.

We would also be grateful if you can help us cover the cost of a back-to-school package for each of our 30 graduating students ($60 each) containing everything they need to start first grade, including a school uniform, supplies and registration fees.  Most all of our families find it virtually impossible to come up with this amount, as they are primarily worried about finding a way to feed their families.

Thanks to all of you who make early education possible for some very grateful kids and their parents!