Hi! My title is Little Lion. My sentences are short because I like to teach kindergarten children who are just learning to put sounds to words. One of my best features is the colorful pictures on my pages. The children love looking at my pictures! They invite them into the story about life in Ethiopia.

I am part of a large family of children’s books called Ready-Set-Go books for all reading levels. It is exciting for me to be in the hands of a child who has never before seen a book like myself. It is a high honor to be valued and to know I had a part in opening up the written word for a young student.

Recently, I found myself in a school with sixty beautiful children. Their teachers had done an excellent job teaching them phonics and simple sight words, so when they opened my pages, I was delighted to hear them reading my words with no problem! There are other books in my family that have more words and more intricate story plots that will delight and challenge the more advanced readers.

I was thrilled to hear a little boy read one of my favorite stories, The Runaway Injera. Way to go! I’m thinking the school needs to provide more books with various reading levels … these children are smart!

You might not know this about us books, but aside from the stories we tell and the beautiful illustrations between our covers, our goal is to be cherished and loved. I am thrilled to be part of teeny-tiny libraries that are being started in some churches deep in the countryside. I was shocked to learn that there are no schools in these villages! Unheard of, but there you are. I will play a very important part in the lives of these village children and be a stepping-stone to literacy for them. I cannot tell you how exciting that is for me! When these children open my pages, I see the awe and wonder on their faces, and I have even received big hugs from some of them! I have a feeling my pages will become well-worn, and my cover will become tattered and dirty over time.  But I don’t mind at all.  It shows how well-loved I am.

Would you help out by buying Ready-Set-Go books so more books like me can get into the hands of children eager to read?  It is only $10 for 4 books!