by Joy Casey

I think it safe to say that if you are reading this, you are a friend of NewLife and a champion of what God is doing in Ethiopia.  The saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” can be morphed to “It takes a village to run a ministry.”  Dedicated people on both sides of the globe are what we have in spades.

One of our NewLife Ethiopia champions has agreed to join our U.S. team.  I have known Kim since the early days of serving with pro-life causes.  It was at one of those meetings that I invited Kim to travel to Ethiopia to “check it out”.  God had been placing on her heart to stretch further and trust deeper and her spirit resonated with this opportunity to “go”.  Little did she suspect in 2009 that God was preparing her for something quite beyond her scope of imagination.  As happens when one encounters beautiful, exotic Ethiopia, her heart was captivated.  She and her husband Clark dipped their toes in the water by supporting a kindergarten child … then two children.  When they heard the need for missionary sponsors, they stepped up.

In 2018, Kim joined me on another trip to Ethiopia.  Kim’s subsequent involvement with what God was doing among unreached Muslim tribes caused her to quickly say, “YES!” when I invited her to take a Perspectives course I was involved with.

At the beginning of this year it became apparent we needed administrative help.  We had some stellar people apply for the position, but over time it was clear that God had been preparing Kim for this position for a very long time.  Her combination of discipline, confidence, passion and ability makes her a perfect fit with our vision and goals.  She is a wonderful compliment to Becky, our long-time administrator.

Kim Koch (pronounced ‘cook’) and her husband Clark live outside Phoenix, Arizona.  They have two grown children and four “practically perfect” grandchildren.  We are delighted to welcome her on our team and introduce her to you!  Now when you get emails from – you’ll know who she is! Be sure to add her email to your contacts!