El Roi (the God Who Sees – Genesis 16) beautifully demonstrates God’s depth of compassion for those cast away without hope.  God’s comfort and provision for Hagar is not a one-off, thankfully.  We witness His rescue of helpless babies all the time!

Not only does He provide for their temporary care, He provides them with permanent families who can guide their development into adulthood.  Can you grasp how monumental each and every story is like this?  Perhaps because finding babies is all too frequent and their stories begin to sound ‘same-old-same-old’, we forget just how amazing this all is.

These little individuals, rescued from certain death, make up the happy place called Mana Gammachuu orphanage.  Mana Gammachuu literally translated means House of Joy.  And a joy it certainly is to be entrusted with up to 20 abandoned babies to care for and then place in the arms of forever moms and dads.

March has been a good, busy month at House of Joy.  We like our doors swinging both ways… in one door (rescued), out the other (adopted).  Two little girls and a boy were discovered (all newborns)—by an apartment building, in a field, next to a bus station.  All three were hospitalized for several weeks and then released to the expert care of our nannies.  I am happy to report that two of the three are doing well and rapidly gaining weight.  The tiny girl had to be re-hospitalized to best take care of her significant needs.

Tariku, a 6-month-old boy, was adopted by a couple who have been married 13 years but unable to have children.  Dad Markos works at a university and Mom Firehiwot is delighted to stay home with Tariku.  Tariku is a dream come true for them, and I know this little boy (abandoned near a police station) was sovereignly placed in their family.

Yifru and Weynshet, both educated professionals, have been married 2 years but felt compelled by God’s Word to care for orphans.  They want to build their family through adoption!  Yifru earns a good living and Weynshet has opted to be a full-time mom.  Mircha, who is 1-year-old, was a little leery of his new family at first, but it didn’t take him long to respond to the hugs and kisses showered on him from Mom and Dad, aunties, uncles, cousins and grandparents.