by Joy Casey

Worke (Work’-ay) is the mother of 9 children and wife to Milkeso.  By village standards, her family did well.  Milkeso was able to plow his land and most of the time it yielded enough to sustain his large family.

One day, Worke used their donkey cart to take grain to the marketplace to barter for vegetables.  When she got to the busy town on market day a car hit her cart, throwing her violently to the ground with the cart on top of her and her donkeys fatally injured.  She couldn’t move and was in excruciating pain.  People laid her under some shade and quickly went back to the village to get Milkeso.  Both legs were grotesquely broken as was her right arm and hand.  Milkeso and some other men carried her to the hospital.  The accident generated astronomical medical bills.  In order to pay for her care, Milkeso was forced to sell his oxen and all his livestock.

Worke is home now, but her injured hand will never again be able to hold anything.  She walks haltingly using a walking stick, but is grateful to be alive.  The family has suffered greatly.  Milkeso can no longer work his land without oxen, leaving the family extremely vulnerable.

Their son Abduramen attends our kindergarten.  The pastoral team from our church in the village visits each kindergarten family to get to know them and also to pray with them and share the hope of Jesus.  They were alarmed at the condition of Abduramen’s family, with little hope of things improving.

Providentially, a generous person donated a set of oxen through our gift catalog.  When we found out about the plight of this family, we immediately knew we wanted to help Milkeso and Worke get back on their feet by providing oxen.

Worke said, “I am so happy by the gifts of two oxen in the time of urgent need for my family.  It is great to us!”  Milkeso added, “I am very happy to have these two best oxen.  Not only me, but our neighbors and relatives are happy by our gift.  I will work hard to plow with these two oxen and my land will give me a solution to the hunger we have.  Through hard work and the selling of some of my crops, I will continue to treat my wife who is still very ill.  May our Creator bless those who gave so we can have a better life.  Thank you all!”