Mimi’s is an all-too-familiar story.

Abandoned as a newborn, we are left with so many questions.


Did her mother so fear the shame and very real consequences of single motherhood that she thought this was her way out?

Was she so destitute that she simply could not feed her baby?

Were there no other options? No family or friends to help?

Any of these scenarios are very likely.

There is much grief in every adoption story.  But God

Mimi has a heavenly Father who is redeeming her life story!

He brought a wonderful couple who, in their words, “want to fulfill the will of God in His command to care for orphans.”  Abeba’s sister has adopted a boy from our orphanage and encouraged her to adopt as well.

Mimi’s story began in grief and separation but she is now enveloped in the loving care of a mom, a dad and two siblings. Her new name is Deborah. She will hear how she was seen, protected and chosen.  All the answers to the question “Why?” won’t be known until heaven but God is faithful!

But God will redeem my life. He will snatch me from the power of the grave.
Psalm 49:15