There are some people who are purposefully antagonistic toward those who think differently.  Missionary Guzo had this thorn to bear from a Muslim man who went out of his way to harm Guzo whenever he got the chance.  One way that Guzo engages the youth of his village is through impromptu soccer games.  His antagonist had two sons who liked to play ‘football’ with Guzo and afterwards they would have long talks.  Over time, the two sons became Christ-followers.  They went back to their dad and convinced him to leave Guzo and all Christians alone.  Their dad is still Muslim, but the sons know that they hold a special place in their dad’s heart despite their conversion.  God will use this man’s love for his sons to break down barriers to the Gospel.

Abraham is a known Christ-follower in his village and has been instrumental in leading twenty people to the Lord.  One day, a man called out to him, and when Abraham came over the man pointed a gun at him and said, “This is the day I will remove you from our village.”  Abraham asked, “Why will you kill me when all I have is Good News to share?”  Others intervened in the tense confrontation and the man walked away.  Amazingly, Abraham kept reaching out to this man and was eventually able to reveal the Gospel message.  The gentleman could no longer resist the love, peace and hope that Jesus offered. Empowered by the incredible grace of God, he surrendered his life to Messiah Jesus.

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me.
Matthew 5:11