Girma and Alemitu are a happily married couple who have a dairy farm and small shopping center in Shashemene.  What they didn’t have was a child.  They love the Lord and prayed for a son or daughter to love and raise.  After talking with Eyerusalem, the nurse at our orphanage and a relative of theirs, they began the adoption process.

Sweet baby Gelgele came into our care in November and was just 2 months old when Girma and Alemitu chose her to adopt. We REJOICE that she is so quickly in her very own family!

This is our laser-focus goal for every child we have the privilege to receive:  FAMILY.  Gelgele was loved, held, fed and kissed by her nannies for a very short time before God placed her in the arms of an overjoyed couple.

For in You the fatherless find compassion.
Hosea 14:3