When a newborn baby like Naoli comes into our care at the orphanage, it’s not unusual for the child who was abandoned to spend time in the hospital.  Like Naoli was, these babies are generally very weak, malnourished and often born premature.  Naoli weighed about 5 lbs. when he was found.  He spent 17 days being cared for at the hospital where he received good formula and the medical attention he needed.

This little guy has been with us since May 2020 and he’s grown into a healthy toddler.

Tihut is a single college graduate who works as a radiologist.  When she was a young girl, God put a dream in her heart to one day adopt an orphaned child.  Her parents attended one of our adoption seminars and after talking with them, she realized God was opening a door to make her dream a reality.

Naoli’s name means “You are above me” and it is very apparent that God in His goodness has been above each circumstance of his young life, bringing him into the loving arms of a very special mommy!  He will be surrounded by a nurturing extended family as well.

The One who comes from above is above all.
John 3:31