2022 Annual Report

NewLife Ethiopia exists to make Christ known in every facet of ministry.  Abandoned children are adopted into Christian families, kindergarten children and their families are exposed to the Gospel, and churches are planted in places where there has never been a Christian presence. 

This year-end report is a testimony to YOUR faithfulness and God’s power to re-write life stories and influence communities throughout Ethiopia.  YOU have made a difference in many lives…thank you!


Sharing Good News

Twenty-one Muslim villages among three distinct tribal groups are being reached with the Good News of Jesus through the efforts of 30 indigenous missionaries.  Thirteen churches have been built and Christian communities are meeting in homes or makeshift shelters in eight villages.  God’s kingdom is expanding!

Wachifo is a Muslim man living in a drought area.  NewLife brought food to his village and even though he personally did not receive food, he watched the Christians distribute maize to desperate Muslims and Christians alike.  Wachifo was so impressed with the unconditional love expressed by Christ-followers he sought out the missionary to know more about it.  God drew this man through the love expressed by His people!

Look what God is doing

  • One-third of those presented with the Gospel accepted Jesus as Savior.
  • 78% of the new converts came from drought-affected areas.









From Abandonment to Cherished Son or Daughter

Abiy was about 8 months old when he was found lying beside the main gate of a village mosque wearing almost nothing.  Try to imagine a baby boy outside, alone and naked!  No one seemed to know anything about him, so the police were contacted and the distraught baby was placed in our Joyful Place orphanage.  Ten months later a family was delighted to bring him into their family through adoption to provide the love and security every child needs to grow up healthy and happy.

Look what God is doing

  • Eighteen babies, all abandoned, are now happily surrounded by the love and stability of an adoptive family.
  • Travelers to Ethiopia brought much-needed formula to ensure our babies’ optimal growth and development – many thanks!!




Kindergarten – More Than Letters and Numbers

Our kindergarten for 60 children in a Muslim village is thriving!  Children are in our program for two years, graduating to first grade knowing how to read and do simple math.

Gift catalog donations have provided new houses, donkeys, oxen, and clothing for these desperately poor families.  Having basic physical needs met, grateful hearts are opening to the Gospel!  Below are the words of one family expressing their gratitude:

Father:  I am so excited by the gifts of two oxen in the time of urgent need for my family.  We feel limitless happiness.

Mother:  I am very happy by the food support and gift of two oxen. We didn’t expect such surprising aid when we registered our child in the school.

Siblings: We are so pleased by the good deeds of the Mana Gammachuu school. We say, “goodbye famine!”

Look what God is doing

  • $15,020 was donated to lift families out of grinding poverty.
  • $23,400 was given in food aid to kindergarten families.






Literacy For Children

Imagine living in a remote place where there is no access to school! The nearest school could be a 3-4 hour walk away so beautiful, bright village children are growing up illiterate.  This is a tragic reality for thousands of children in rural Ethiopia.  We hope to change that outcome for some by offering literacy classes in the churches we have built.

Look what God is doing

  • In twelve villages where there are no schools, our missionaries are teaching children to read!
  • NLE is providing reading books and slowly small libraries are being compiled in the churches.


Food Distribution

Drought conditions have plagued most of the villages where NLE has started Christian communities.  Many people died of starvation, livestock perished, and children were sold to brokers so they could eat.

The people blessed with food stopped to give thanks to God and to express appreciation for the organization who provided it.  One convert shared: “God used the Christian church to save our lives in this bad time.  We had nothing to eat and we lost our cattle because of the drought.  Nobody saw us but you Christians.  You showed us the love of God by your actions.”

Look what God is doing

  • Friends with big hearts donated $80,000 to feed 2,500 families for the months of July, August and September.
  • Of the 825 new converts in 2022, 642 were from drought-affected areas.




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2022 Annual Report