As Ethiopia issued the news that it was closing down international adoptions, causing the U.S. State Department to stop processing adoption paperwork, we had five children who we were able to place in Italian families in 2018.  We have been so blessed to be in good contact with these terrific families and they have continued to support our little orphanage.  They pooled resources and provided a dryer to help handle the loads of laundry that must be cleaned and dried on a regular basis.  One family sponsors a baby on a monthly basis.

This week I received an email telling us about a get-together they had at Lago di Garda (Lake Garda), a popular holiday spot in northern Italy.

“After two years of forced separation, last weekend we finally managed to organize a meeting of the Favoloso Five of Mana Gammachuu… It was simply wonderful!  We had such a good time and our kids could play and stay together.  Please share these photos with the nannies who took care of them when they were babies.

There are no words to say how lucky we are and to thank you for all you have done for us and for all you are doing in Shashemene.  God bless you!”

Every family who has adopted a child from our program is forever connected to us!  Many of you get together to this day in order to stay linked to the children your kids started their lives with and to be encouraged by fellowship with other adoptive families.  We have been privileged to be part of a few of those reunions.  Your emails, photos and news-y updates bring incredible joy and encouragement to our staff here and in Ethiopia.  If it’s been a while since we’ve heard from you, please do send us an email.  That is our payday!