We absolutely love to share with you the stories of babies that come into our orphanage after being found abandoned by the roadside, near a fencepost or on a hospital delivery bed.  They are often premature, malnourished and in fragile health but soon begin to thrive under the tender care of our nannies.  Prayers are lifted up for their development and for a family to choose them.  Then we get to share the wonderful news when each one gets their very own mom and dad.  THAT is our payday!

But there is another side to this work that we don’t often tell – it is painful but no less a reality.  Several of these tiny babies are found after they have been exposed to the elements too long or who didn’t get the prenatal or medical care they needed in time.  Despite hospitalization, some children perish.

We recently received a tiny baby boy aptly given the name Moses (we told the story of his rescue here).  It quickly became obvious that he needed 24/7 medical attention so he was taken to the neonatal unit of the local hospital.  But four days later he died of multi-organ failure.

Our staff, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, attended a small funeral ceremony for him.

The orphanage staff takes these deaths very hard.  Though everything possible is done to try to save them, some babies simply cannot recover from their significant health challenges.

Orphan care often sounds like fun, fulfilling work, and indeed it is  – most times.  But it is good for our faithful prayer partners and financial supporters to understand the full spectrum of our ministry to abandoned children – happy stories of rescue and adoption as well as the somber funerals that we too often have to facilitate.  Our consolation is that all the little ones who do not make it in this life are now safely in Jesus’ arms – restored, whole and thriving in His presence forever.