My name is Oliyad and this is the beginning of my life story…

I had a really rough start.  My mother left me on the delivery table right after I was born and quickly disappeared.  Maybe she was very young and couldn’t take care of me or maybe she wasn’t married and couldn’t deal with the shame of that.  I won’t ever know why she did what she did.  I spent almost a month in the hospital because I was so underweight and premature.

Then I was sent to a wonderful care center – the Joyful Place orphanage – where my nannies loved me, bathed me, fed me and met all my needs.

When I was almost seven months old, a very special woman named Hanna adopted me.  She is 28-years-old, single and working as a finance manager.  Her childhood was very difficult and she always dreamed of giving her future children a much better life.  She has nieces and nephews who she loves but she wanted me as her very own son.

She found NewLife Ethiopia on the internet and inquired about adoption.  It was then that my life story took a brand new direction.  My new name is Jamie and my new future is bright!