I have often wondered about the people in Ethiopia who are in an official capacity and who must deal with the abandonment of a baby.  Sadly, this is not an uncommon occurrence in the city where our orphanage is located.  What might the police officers be thinking as they bring yet another child to Mana Gammachuu?  I hope they are relieved that there IS a place to bring them where they will be loved and have their needs met.  What heartbreak the nurses must feel who care for these fragile little ones when they come to the hospital.  Many are mothers themselves and would have hearts full of grief and empathy.

One such nurse, Asegedech, was on the night shift at the hospital in Shashemene last April when a man rushed into the foyer with a tiny baby girl in his arms.  He had heard the baby’s cries and found her lying on the ground just outside the hospital entrance.

She was estimated to be about one month old and they named her Tinsae, which means ‘Easter’, as it was almost Easter Sunday.

Tinsae was extremely malnourished and needed to be officially admitted to the hospital to stabilize and monitor her.  She stayed for one month before the lead medical doctor arranged with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs to have her transferred to our Mana Gammachuu orphanage.

After she left the hospital, Nurse Asegedech couldn’t stop thinking about that tiny baby girl.  The orphanage is very close to the hospital and she was already aware of the mission of Mana Gammachuu: to take in abandoned babies and find families to adopt them.  This single mother of a 10-year-old daughter knew that baby Tinsae was to be her daughter.

God sees.  God knows.  God moves on people’s hearts in surprising ways.

Lord, we thank you for Your plans for Tinsae.  We thank You for Asegedech and we pray You would bless this mom and help her raise her girls to know and love You!