When a tiny baby girl was placed at our Joyful Place orphanage almost a year ago, God began hearing the many prayers that were brought to His throne of grace for her!

She was born at the hospital in Shashemene – a preemie who needed lots of special care.  Her birthmother actually left her on the delivery table and slipped out when no one was looking.  The disappearance was reported to the police but the mother was never found.  Nanate was kept in the hospital for almost a month, getting the medical attention and formula she desperately needed.  Then the Ministry of Women’s Affairs referred her to the one place in Shashemene accepting children in Nanate’s circumstances, our orphanage.

Her sponsor helped us with the cost of formula and care while many of us were praying for a family for her.  Here in the U.S. each of these children would be adopted as soon as the paperwork could be completed but adoption just isn’t in the typical Ethiopian’s way of thinking.  We conduct training seminars to introduce adoption from a biblical point of view.

Mulushewa, 32-years-old and unmarried, began to ask God if adoption might be the way she could have a child.  Her brother and sister-in-law had adopted a baby from our orphanage after attending one of our adoption conferences and encouraged Mulushewa to consider adoption herself.  She was overjoyed when her homestudy and paperwork were approved!

Now a young woman and a beautiful baby girl, each without a family, are mother and daughter!

Thank you to all of our wonderful partners who sponsor a child and who send monthly orphanage support.  We could never provide care and eventually families for these children apart from God using YOU! I know there is someone reading this who would not want to miss out on the privilege of being a huge part of changing a child’s life story.  Is it you?