When a baby girl only a few days old was left by the gate of the Orthodox church in Shashemene, only God knew her future.  Would she be found alive?  Would anyone want to take on the responsibility of raising her?  Perhaps these were the anxious thoughts of the birthmother who likely left her there.

Thankfully, this was a busy area and a woman leaving church service heard the baby crying.  The police in Shashemene have become all too familiar with babies being abandoned.  They do conduct a search for anyone who might know something but as you can imagine, it is very difficult to track down a desperate birthmother who has done something considered not only disgraceful but illegal in Ethiopia.  Never mind that she has no way to feed or take care of her child.  Here in the states a birthmother can relinquish a child for any reason without this kind of stigma.  The Ministry of Women’s Affairs refers these children to our Mana Gammachuu orphanage where they are welcomed by some very loving nannies.

Little Meskerem was very weak but it didn’t take long before the good formula she received began to take effect.  At 11 months old, she is a happy, healthy little girl, thanks to her wonderful monthly sponsor here in the U.S. and lots of love and attention!

Meanwhile… Alemayehu and Emebet had been thinking a lot about adoption as they had no biological children.  A family member attended our adoption seminar two years ago in July 2019 and adopted a baby as a result.  Alemayehu and Emebet spoke to them often about the process and about how adoption had forever changed the course of their lives.

Even though they live in Dire Dawa, over 300 miles from the orphanage, they began the process of a homestudy and filling out all the required documents.  Once they were approved, they made the journey across mountains and through valleys to meet their daughter and bring her home!

Alemayehu and Emebet have named their daughter Kidist, which means ‘blessed’.  They are praising God who gave them such a gift!  We are praising God with them!

If you would like to help us care for an abandoned child while we find a forever family for them, you can sign up for a $50/month sponsorship and be part of a whole new life story for one of these precious little ones.  Thank you for taking a minute to ask God if that’s something He’d like you to be part of!