The majority of the children at our kindergarten in Ethiopia are from Muslim homes and have been identified for placement and a free education because of their deep poverty.  The pastoral staff of the village church visit the families of our students to establish relationship, check on their situation and pray with the parents.

The village is suffering a food shortage due to drought, so two simple meals of corn are what each family typically eats. Their greatest fear is lack of rain for their crops.  Without a harvest, they will be unable to feed their children.

One kindergarten student, Bashadu, recently had a family visit from our pastoral team. They are Muslim but were told about Jesus’ love for them and it was explained that the generous donors who are providing education and food for them are Christ-followers. The father then said an amazing thing,..

“We like your God.  Pray for us in order for God to help us know about Him.  I need a Bible to understand about Jesus.  We are Muslims, but we didn’t read the Qur’an.  If I can get a Bible written in my language (Orominya), I want to read it.”  Husbands in this culture carry a lot of influence and the pastoral staff was encouraged by his open-mindedness. They will get him a Bible!

Bashadu receives a simple but nutritious lunch at school.  Her father thanked the Christians and donors for Bashadu’s school and the food support they received in June during a time of urgent need, saying, “God bless them very much.”

Before leaving a visit, the pastoral team always asks if they can pray for the family.  Bashadu’s dad eagerly said yes and asked for healing of family members with various ailments.  At another visit, the father indicated he wanted to come to the Christian church and learn more. He too is very open to the gospel and eagerly asked for healing for his son and for rain. The visiting pastors and missionaries prayed and promised to continue to pray for them until that glad day when they embrace Jesus as Savior.

Meeting needs is the most tangible witness of God’s great love in Christ. People are responding to this outpouring of help – they want to learn more about a God who motivates strangers across the world to meet their desperate need. Thank you for linking arms with us to supply what these families need.  And please pray for rain!

Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord.
Proverbs 19:17