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Mulu and other mothers of the children at our Mana Gammachuu kindergarten received the almost unbelievable news – the Christians were going to provide a much-needed supply of food!  Corn had been planted and would be ripe in three months, should Allah bless them with rain, but the immediate future looked bleak.

The sack of maize they were given the beginning of June is enough for a whole month – and another bag will be provided in both July and August.  Mulu has never had so much corn in her house before!  The insecurity and back-breaking work of finding firewood to sell won’t have to be part of her daily work, for which she is exceedingly grateful as her body is suffering from the heavy loads and lack of food.  NewLife Ethiopia is honored to be part of Mulu’s story.

Kena is a darling little boy who is learning in our school and getting one meal a day with protein, milk and a vitamin.  We know how vitally important this lunch is!  There is never a crumb left uneaten.  Over the three years Kena will be in pre-school, pre-K and kindergarten at our Mana Gammachuu school, he will learn to read and write and understand simple arithmetic.  He will also be introduced to Messiah Jesus and his mother will be visited by the church pastor who will listen to her burdens and lift them up to Jesus.

We are grateful for each person sponsoring a kindergarten child.  Mulu’s story is typical of most of the mothers of our students.  Life is hard and uncertain.  The three-year investment into the life of one child will equip him or her to go forward with school, which is a great comfort to parents who did not have the opportunity to learn.

THANK YOU FOR CARING!  NewLife Ethiopia’s ability to provide food during this especially hard time comes from donations to our gift catalog emergency fund.  Thank you!