Meet Christian…  He recently celebrated his sixth birthday!

The day was full of family and friends and gifts and love.

But the beginning of his story didn’t have any guarantees about what life would be like when he turned six.  At just about 6 months old he was found abandoned near a café, extremely malnourished.

He spent several years in our orphanage with lots of love and attention.  This happy, energetic little boy needed to have a mom and dad, not to grow up in an orphanage!  So as he grew and reached four years old, our prayers for a family for him became more fervent.  We knew that adoptive families typically choose babies or young toddlers.

God had been putting adoption on the hearts of our in-country director and his wife.  Abebe and Abonesh love children and have been intimately involved in the adoptions we’ve been facilitating since 2009.  Although their biological children were almost all grown they knew God wanted them to bring another child into their family through adoption.

Two years ago they chose Christian (then named Esubalew) to become their son and we were surprised and overjoyed at the way God answered our prayers – and theirs!

Abebe and Abonesh are incredible parents who are giving Christian all the love and nurture he needs.  We look at these birthday photos and shake our heads in amazement at how God rewrote his story in such a beautiful way!