Why do we provide three years of early education for poor M*slim children?  Is it simply social outreach or a feel-good idea?  Though there are benefits to doing good deeds for their own sake, our motivation for speaking into the lives of children goes beyond mere physical and intellectual needs.

We started the school, brought water to the village, replaced falling down houses and provided animal husbandry for widows as a way of expressing God’s love in a tangible way.

Community development such as this opened doors of communication and acceptance that allowed us to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ, resulting in the establishment of a Christian community in a M*slim stronghold.

Early education (pre-school, pre-K and kindergarten) is a unique opportunity to interact with sixty families who are grateful their children have an opportunity to learn to read and cipher, an education denied to most of them.  Bible stories that develop Christian character or show God meeting needs are introduced to parents and children alike, changing preconceived views of Jesus and His followers.  This is a significant paradigm shift for families raised in Isl*m.

The children selected for our free kindergarten education are the poorest in the village… children who otherwise would never set foot in a schoolroom.  Their school day ensures one nutritious meal, oftentimes the only source of protein in their diet.  Upon graduating from kindergarten, NewLife provides the finances, supplies and uniform for the child to attend the government school for first grade.

With the literacy rate ridiculously low in rural villages, especially among women, a strong foundation for learning is especially critical.  We are privileged to be able to teach these little ones, provide lunch for them and introduce Truths from the bible.

$35 a month gives a head start to children coming from less than ideal backgrounds.  The school itself curries favor with village leaders that softens hearts to hear about Jesus.

Please consider joining this outreach to our Muslim neighbors by sponsoring a student.  We currently have 12 children in need of a sponsor!