Evalie is the product of a family that lives Christ’s injunction to “think of others before yourself”.  Ten years ago, Chalyse was adopted from our orphanage in Ethiopia into Evalie’s family, forever captivating their hearts for all things Ethiopian.  Mom and Dad have faithfully engaged with NewLife in evangelism and orphanage support over the years, setting an example for their family to give back.

Evalie used her talent to knit snuggy infant hats for the little ones in our Joyful Place orphanage.  We are so happy to receive these hats!

Several years ago we had a Montana grandmother who knit hats for our babies, but those have been well used and many times washed and the need for a new supply was evident.

Thank you, Evalie, for thinking of the babies in Ethiopia and doing what was in your hand to do for them!