Two baby girls.

Abandoned by their birth mothers for reasons we will never know for sure.

Sadeya was left on the ground outside of a mosque where a kind man found her and took her home to his wife, who fed her along with her own 6-month-old baby, until the police were notified and she came to Mana Gammachuu orphanage.

Tarikua’s birth mother worked as a maid in someone’s home. She gave birth there and disappeared.  The baby was cared for until a search for her came up empty and the government referred her to our orphanage.

Abdella and Aster have a strong belief in God’s call to care for orphans, which moved them to adopt an abandoned child even though they have three biological children.  They are overjoyed with Sadeya, their new daughter – can you tell?

Emebet, a teacher, is a single mother with a son who is passionate about adoption.  She strongly believes God’s word in James 1:27.  Sweet little Tarikua is no longer abandoned – she is chosen and loved!

Thank You Lord for your plan of adoption!
Thank You for those who sponsor an abandoned baby.
Thank You for putting adoption on the hearts of many more Ethiopians.
Thank You for allowing us to be part of these wonderful stories!