This adorable child was abandoned by his mother right after she gave birth at the hospital in Shashemene.  We don’t know if she was young, perhaps unmarried or simply unable to be a mother who could provide for a son.  The nurse on duty reported her disappearance immediately but after a 15 day search for her, the government referred Hundaoli to our care center for abandoned babies.  We found a big-hearted sponsor in the U.S. who sent $50/month to help us provide formula and lots of loving care.

Haymanot is the pastor of a local church.  He and his wife Kibu are not able to have biological children but their hearts are very tender toward orphaned children.

They have previously adopted a baby girl and were eager to adopt again, this time adding a son to their family.

Hundaoli is a much-loved and cherished member of his very own family.  He will learn to know God’s love through the love of his very devoted parents!