by Joy Casey

Hooray!  The rains have ceased, ethnic violence is at a low simmer and Covid is manageable.  Our Ethiopia team was finally able to safely reach some outposts that have been isolated for six months.

The gospel is spreading rapidly among a previously unreached people group where we have erected three churches and are in the process of building three more.  Pastor Zerihun, our Evangelism Director, advises to gear up for an influx of people into the Kingdom.  “Many peoples will be converted and many more churches will be needed.”

In one village, a converted M*slim sheik donated a portion of his property to the church.  A cornhusk shelter with a tarp roof was church for several years drawing ridicule from the M*slims.

Seeing the current handsome structure with a bright blue cross on the roof has made the nay-sayers take notice.  A workday to mud the church drew several M*slim men who worked alongside their Christian tribesmen.  They said, “We have never seen this much wide worship hall in our area.  Really, you are a blessed people!  We will come to this place and worship with you.”  Recently, 28 people have accepted Jesus as their Lord!

Another church in another village is also taking shape, and none too soon.  Over the last seven months the number of believers in this M*slim village has gone from 80 to 200!

The skeleton of the building is up, topped with a tin roof.  Even though there is much more to be done to finish the structure, children’s services, bible studies, prayer times and, of course, Sunday worship are going full-tilt.  Halleluiah!