Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
But a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.
Proverbs 13:12

Two days before the Ethiopian New Year, the nurse at Mana Gammachuu (Joyful Place) orphanage placed a sweet baby girl in the arms of her new mama.  Tsegenesh (Suh-GEN-ish) and her family celebrated the new year holiday with hearts bursting with thankfulness at the wonder of a little girl they now claim as their own.

Tsegenesh gave her new daughter two beautiful names.  One is “Koketi” meaning ‘what I have is yours’ and the other, “Yohan”, means ‘you are a gift from God’. Tsegenesh expressed to us her unbounded delight and deep gratitude for Yohan.  “I am very happy that I can give this adorable girl a permanent home and family along with a sense of belonging and security.”

“Today I came back to thank everyone who was involved in this process [of adoption].  I am pleased God sent the message to my heart to share my life for others and admit the message and act. What a blessing to me and my family. What a positive and kindness decision came to my mind to adopt a child.”

Tsegenesh extends her thanks especially to Ephrem, Mana Gammachuu Orphanage Director, “…for our frequent communication and the guidance you provided.  Thank you for your supportive work and what you have done to make this happen.”  She also thanks Abebe, our Country Manager, for helping her with the details required by the government in Addis Ababa. “The process was very straightforward and easy thanks to them.”

As with every adoptive parent I have ever worked with, Tsegenesh effuses with superlatives about Yohan.  “She always makes my day, she is so charming, healthy and happy.  Yohan already established a strong relationship with my family.  Everyone in my family welcomes her with an unconditional love, no words enough to express this.”

You can sense Tsegenesh’s sigh of fulfillment saying, “Now I am a mom, and I am more than happy for being a mom and a reason to change and influence her life positively.  She is my Ethiopian new year gift! This new 2013 E.C year* is a new beginning for me with much affection and responsibility.  What delighted the new year, I already started living for a reason! I forgot all my personal problems, busy with taking care of her and thinking about her when I am at the office. I really love her absolutely and care for her much. I learn responsibility as a parent and I am glad for that.”

Tsegenesh works for a non-profit organization in Addis Ababa and has the capacity, with the help of her close-knit family, to raise Yohan to love God and to provide the resources for her cognitive, social and emotional development.  We at NewLife Ethiopia share in Tsegenesh’s joy that Yohan has a wonderful family that will love her forever.

*Ethiopia’s calendar is the Julian calendar