Last December a woman walking home to her village heard the unmistakable cries of a baby.  Alarmed, she began looking on the riverbank and found a tiny baby girl lying on the ground under a bridge.  The child was very weak and appeared to be about one month old.  The woman took her to the police in Shashemene, who work with the local government agency dealing with abandoned children.  Unfortunately this is an all too common occurrence in poverty-stricken areas.  She was placed in our orphanage and given the name Hawi (How’-ee), which means ‘desire’ or ‘wish’.

The Joyful Place orphanage is such a perfect place for these precious little ones.  Our wonderful nannies delight in caring for each one.  They really are the best temporary mommies – holding, feeding, consoling and kissing their little cheeks.

We also quickly find a big-hearted sponsor here in the U.S. who has taken God’s call to care for orphans and put it into action.  They send $50 each month to help us provide formula and they receive a prayer card so ‘their’ child is covered in prayer until they are chosen for adoption.

Tsegenesh is a single professional woman with a master’s degree who works for an international NGO in Addis Ababa.  You only have to look at her beautiful smile to see how delighted she is to adopt a daughter of her very own.  She smiled the entire time she was at the orphanage to claim her daughter and before mother and daughter headed back home, Tsegenesh made a generous gift of diapers to the orphanage.

Hawi will lack for nothing.  She is already loved and cherished.  Her story has been radically changed.  This is why we do what we do!  Thank you Lord!