We do not know the circumstances that led to a precious 4 year old girl being found wandering down a road near a medical clinic in Shashemene.  Did her parents die?  Was she willingly abandoned for some reason we can’t fathom?  She wasn’t able to tell the authorities much at all about her past.

The police launched an investigation but no trace of anyone related to Semira or who knew anything about her was discovered.  After staying for a week with the woman who found her, she was placed at our orphanage about six months ago.

We began to pray!  Most people want to adopt a baby so we asked God to put on someone’s heart both the desire and the necessary fortitude to parent an older child with significant trauma issues.  Her monthly sponsor enabled us to provide her with food and clothing and a few toys appropriate for her age.

Firehiwot is a 28 year old single woman who has, from her earliest memories, wanted to adopt.  She has a powerful faith in God and longs to serve Him.  Firehiwot’s strong personality, confidence and faith will equip her to love and cherish her new daughter.

Please join us in praying for Firehiwot and Semira.  As any parent who has adopted a child this age knows, there are many challenges ahead in parenting a child who has been abandoned.  We are thrilled that this young woman has chosen Semira and is dedicated to her wholeness… beloved of her Father God!