Two little boys with similar and tragic stories – they were each found abandoned on the ground, probably by desperate birth mothers who couldn’t care for them.  Both were extremely weak when someone found them.  Both were in dire need of medical care, good formula and the love of a forever  family.

Abiy and Robson have grown up together at our Joyful Place orphanage.  They are about 7 months apart in age but know each other well, having been loved by the same nannies, cared for in the same nursery and shared a common history.  They’ve each been sponsored monthly by a family in the U.S. who have helped us provide formula and food and who have prayed for a family to adopt them.

Gosa and Hiruth are a wonderful couple who were not able to have biological children. Both are well-educated and separately employed but they had a deep desire to parent children of their own.  Adoption was an answer to their prayers and they are overjoyed to bring Abiy and Robson into their family.

Two little boys who have shared so much are now bonded for life as brothers!  God’s plan of adoption is beautiful indeed!