Perhaps especially in these days of grim news, it is absolutely uplifting to our spirits when we hear a story like Chala’s.

His began with abandonment.  A guard at a grain mill was walking his route and heard the cries of a tiny baby.  Surprised, he found a baby boy lying on the ground, very vulnerable and alone.  The man immediately took him to the police station and a search was conducted for the baby’s mother.  When no one could be found who knew anything about him, he was placed at our Joyful Place orphanage.  It was estimated that he was about 6 days old.

The nannies fell in love with him instantly and began cuddling, feeding and cleaning him up.

With lots of good formula (thanks to his monthly sponsor) he grew into a healthy, sturdy little toddler.  All he needed now was a forever family to adopt him.

Wondimu and Solome had a little boy but after they attended our adoption training conference, they felt very strongly God’s call to adopt an abandoned child.

They are thrilled to have another son and a brother for their son Bekam.  Their entire extended family is also overjoyed to welcome Chala into the family.

From abandoned to chosen.  Now that’s some GOOD NEWS!

Though my father and my mother have forsaken me, the LORD will take me in.
Psalm 27:10