In an area of particularly high persecution for Christ-followers, a church struggles to exist.  One day a mob of radical M*slims attacked the church, breaking windows, smashing the ceiling and burning or destroying absolutely everything inside the church.  The church members were gripped with fear. The daughter of the man who gave his land so the church could be built was savagely beaten and his daughter kidnapped and given to a M*slim man as one of his wives.

Despite this high level of persecution, people are returning to the empty shell of a building to pray and declare, “Yet I will rejoice in the Lord; I will take joy in the God of my salvation.”  Habakkuk 3:18

Attacked, beaten and targeted yet full of faith.

Here at the start of a new year, we are sharing just a few of the hundreds of life stories that have changed because of God’s grace and your support in 2019.  You have a place in the life stories of so many in Ethiopia!  Whose life will you help change in 2020?