NewLife Ethiopia exists because God has invited us to be part of His grand redemptive story – one of lives transformed by the Savior, Jesus Christ.  Here at the start of a new year, we are sharing just a few of the hundreds of life stories that have changed because of God’s grace and your support in 2019.  You have a place in the life stories of so many in Ethiopia!

Hussen opened the door to the timid knock of a mother holding a newborn baby.  “Please, sir, would you give me some food?” she begged.  Being a compassionate man, Hussen went to the back of his house to find food for the poor woman.  When he came back she was gone, leaving her baby on the doorstep.

Baby Lalise eventually was placed in Joyful Place orphanage where Amarech and Gezhagne joyfully adopted her as their own when she was 6-months-old.  They named her Selam because she brought them peace in their struggle with infertility.

Abandoned to embraced and loved.