Exuberant voices of children bursting forth in song – faces covered, heads bowed in prayer – children eagerly soaking in Bible stories are all signs of a growing movement among children in dominant M*slim communities.

In the three unreached people groups where churches have birthed, there is no culture of Sunday school.  The children’s parents are recent converts from Isl*m and are, for the most part, in the infancy stage of their own spiritual development.

With 44% of Ethiopia’s population under 15, it is absolutely essential to begin strong Christian education programs in newly formed churches.

A focus on children was a prominent goal for 2019… training teachers and implementing children’s programs.

Mikiyas, NewLife’s Children’s Director, has successfully structured teaching for children in five churches.  We will add several new churches in 2020 and Mikiyas will concentrate on teacher and curriculum development and how best to solidify a children’s culture within the church.

Miki spends time in every church bringing encouragement and supplies.  We are hoping to provide unpoppable soccer balls, children’s bibles and some audio story bibles, too.  Unfortunately, many children are growing up in villages with no schools and so cannot read.  Part of our overall strategy is to provide education infrastructure for village children without access to any education.

We are influencing the next generation!  Jesus unequivocally let us know the value He put on children.  Hearing their sweet voices lifted in supplication and praise surely brings great JOY to God’s heart!

Video – Sunday School Children Singing