The churches NewLife Ethiopia helps with are stick and mud construction built by local men.  As the construction style implies, mud is needed both inside and outside the structure.  To make mud, there must be the right kind of dirt, straw and water.

Video: Preparing mud and straw for church walls

One fine day, four missionaries from an area in southern Ethiopia hired a truck to transport the dirt they were digging to make mud to cover the walls.

A group of young, enthusiastic M*slim men heard what was being done and were incensed that a church was being built in their community.  They decided to put a stop to it and send a clear message to these Christians.  The band of youth fell on the unsuspecting missionaries, beating them badly and temporarily halting their work.  The M*slims warned the Christian men that worse would happen should they persist in building the church.

The missionaries returned several days later with a few extra men and succeeded in filling the truck with the much-needed dirt.  While the Christian group was mixing the dirt with straw and water, four of the original M*slim group came to the construction site intent on inflicting damage to the building and to the workers.  Missionary “M” met the angry young men and was able to engage them in conversation.  Many hours later, they dropped to their knees, confessed their sins and acknowledged that Isa (Jesus) was Messiah, God.  Each missionary has taken the responsibility of one youth to disciple, starting them in a basic discipleship curriculum.

We thank God for protecting the Christians working on His church by radically intervening in the lives of those bent on harm.  May many more fall on their knees!