December 1st begins “the most wonderful time of the year!”  And it could be a season when lives are truly changed – with gifts that aren’t wrapped and don’t sit under a tree.


I love how the Advent Conspiracy helps reframe our Christmas perspective…

“Be a part of a different story this Christmas, one that celebrates our King and brings hope to the watching world… we can celebrate Christmas humbly, beautifully, and generously. Advent is the story of a wondrous moment when God entered our world to make things right. It is the greatest story ever told and it changes everything—including the way we celebrate Christmas.”

Worship fully.  Spend less.  Give more.  Love all.

Won’t you consider providing much-needed orphanage support, opportunity for education and equipping those who are risking their lives to share the Savior?

2019 Christmas Gift Catalog video – NewLife Ethiopia